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Great Scholar Event





Celebration of the 100th Tao Propgation Anniversary

The event was held in summer of 2005. Tao members from 72 countries around the world participated in this great event. Participants' ages ranged from 3 to over 90s. Different language versions were used to suit for those who are not Chinese descent. Several government officials also came to give us recognition awards, such as President Chen, vice-President Lu, Mayor of City of Taipei (Mayor Ma), etc. We want to promote the importance of Chinese classics which indeed have good influence on human's behaviors, especially nowadays. It was said that children who have learned and studied Chinese classics are mostly good kids who respect their parents and elderly seniors. We hope we could make the world aware its greatness.

Required and Elective Texts

Tao members who participated in this event need to memorize five required texts and at least one elective. They are as follows:

The Purpose of Tao, the World of Da-Tong, the Heart Sutra, Qing Jing Jing, and Mi Le Scripture.

The Great Learning, the Doctrine of the Mean, the Analects, Tao Te Ching (Dao De Jing), Jin Gang Jing, Sixth Patriarch Scripture, and the Mencius.

Most of the texts could be found in Chinese Classics Category.

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