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Introduction to I-Kuan Tao

What is Tao? by Derek Lin

I-Kuan Tao (pronounced "yee guan dao") is one of the most significant spiritual movements in Taiwan. Its name can be literally translated as "The Tao that unifies all with the one."

The basis of I-Kuan Tao is rooted in Chinese traditions, with teachings emphasizing traditional values such as family, honor, respect and moderation. It is no exaggeration to call I-Kuan Tao the definitive and authentic Chinese form of spirituality.

The appeal of I-Kuan Tao is not limited to the Chinese. The movement is open to everyone regardless of ethnicity. Many people in the West have already experienced the warmth and acceptance of Tao practitioners. They have also discovered, within I-Kuan Tao, progressive teachings that resonate with the Western mind.

The Heritage of Tao by Derek Lin

I-Kuan Tao has a long history. Literally speaking there is no word or language that can describe its origin. Zhu-zi had stated in the Doctrine of the Mean that "the Origin of Tao is from heaven and is immutable; it actually comes from within and is inseparable". But in the development of human civilization, it can be cleverly explained how Tao originated.

The Heritage of Tao can be classified into two categories:

1. The origin of Tao in the continuity link refers to the period from the existence of Patriarch Fu-xi to the early Ching Dynasty. The I-Kuan Tao then in its embryonic stage was a treasure trove, as a result of wisdom and enlightenment inherited from the saints and sages.

2. The origin of Tao in the creative link refers to the period during the rule of the Ching Emperor Shun-zhi. The time was then ripe for our Master Huang De-hui in Lu-shan of Jiang-xi to set up "Xian Tian Tao", now known as I-Kuan Tao. He became the ninth Patriarch to spread the message of Tao.

In 1886 Master Liu Qing-xu became to the sixteenth Patriarch. In 1905, Lu Zhong-yi became the seventeenth Generation Master. In 1930 as decreed by Heaven, our Great Master, Zhang Tian-ran, and Great Mistress, Sun Hui-ming, became the eighteenth Patriarch respectively to take over the missionary works to propagate Tao all over the world.

Though our Great Master and Great Mistress are no longer with us, Tao is till in us. Through the untiring efforts of our disciples and enlightened masters, our vision of achieving world order, peace and tranquility may soon be realized.

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